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Save on Airfare Secrets by Tony Morrison

Save on Airfare Secrets by Tony Morrison is an e-book that shows you how to save money on every aspect of traveling. The author, Tony Morrison, is a former airline ticketing agent who knows first hand all of the various tricks and loopholes in the travel industry, thus enabling you to get some massive discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays, rental cars, etc.

In the Save on Airfare Secrets e-Book you’ll learn...

  • The BEST way to buy tickets online,

  • How to earn FREE VOUCHERS and discount vouchers for tickets (it usually only takes a phone call to the agent and a couple of choice words)

  • How you can get access to insider and discounted promotion deals

  • Ways to get travel rewards without even flying

  • How you can get a whopping discount (up to 75%) off international flights

  • A novel idea on how to buy travel equipment at huge discounts

  • Advice on when you should book your flight (the specific time of day to get huge discounts)

  • Insider information that enables you to successfully bargain with the travel agent

  • How to use airline pricing experiments to your advantage

Save on Airfare Secrets reveals the ins and outs on how you can save hundreds of dollars off of your airfare tickets. The e-Book includes lots of unexpected bonuses that you can use to obtain discounted hotel rooms, car rentals, and cruises too!

Details are available on the official "Save on Airfare Secrets Website at

Sea World BelieveImage via Wikipedia

In what could be a great move for Sea World and Busch Gardens theme parks, they were acquired from Anheuser Busch by the Blackstone Group.

What have these guys at Blackstone got up their sleeve? There is no money out their for public companies to do deals. They are quietly amassing a huge empire in the travel industry with their purchase of Hilton, Legoland and Universal Theme parks.

Oh the sad news? The Clydsdales will eventually be leaving the parks.

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The LA Times Travel blog announced that Disneyland and Disney World have finally joined the world of social media with their Disney Theme Parks Blog. Now the Mouse is talking and I am sure Disney fanatics around the world will have their ears open.

To make the blog work they are keeping it in house and even allowing moderated comments. Select employees from Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure in California as well as EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida will help with content on the site.

The blog went live today and already they have great content posted about turning Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom into Most Haunted Place on Earth for Halloween. I especially like the video showing the transformation from Space Mountain to Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland.

Keep it up Disney and welcome to the world of Social Media!

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Flip CameraImage by via Flickr

Have you ever been traveling and had a moment of confusion or needed some help and found that helpful person in the croud?

Now it's your chance to share that inspirational travel moment because it could be worth a Flip video recorder.

The Five Am Traveller is offering the chance to win a Flip video recorder for the top inspirational travel story to be voted on by the readers of the blog. You can enter to win in one of 4 ways:
By the way, the Flip video recorder is a great travel gadget. If you haven't seen one, I recommend that you go to your closest electronics store and scope it out. I just got one about 1 month ago and love it. We never carried around our larger camcorder because of the size and amount of time it took to get ready to get a shot. Forget about catching those candid moments on film, our son was way too quick and we only got frustrated. Now that we have the Flip, we have taken video of our 2 year old.

The Flip camera is easy to use and depending on the model can hold several hours of video before needing to be uploaded. The camera contains its own USB connector. No need to worry about finding the right cord. The camera comes loaded with software to load on your laptop, no CDs to worry about. The controls are very simple. You won't be overwhelmed by features which can be a plus and a minus.

Well, what are you waiting for get over there and share your travel story. If you share one please leave a link for it here as well.
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Nothing screams geek like a USB drive attached to your key chain, but now you can shout it from a mountain top with an Imation USB Flash Drive Wristband.  Wow, How Cool is That!  This is just one of the items that made the list of Geeky Travel Gadgets from Vagabondish.

My favorite item on the list is the iCache.  You can travel without carrying all of your credit cards by using this wicked cool gadget.  Once you purchase the iCache, you go online and register your credit cards.  The gadget is biometrically secured using a fingerprint and recreates the magnetic strip from your card to be used when traveling.

And you thought that the James Bond tricks were cool.
Apple continues to define "cool" technology for the masses. Their laptops are super sleek and the iPod term now defines mp3 players, like Google defines search engines. A new software company, Runtriz, hopes to use the iPhone and iPod Touch to make it hip to carry these gadgets when you stay at your next hotel. An article in the Washington Post highlights the test of the "Hotel Evolution" product from Runtriz at the Malibu Beach Inn in Malibu, CA.

The "Hotel Evolution" application can either be loaded onto a guests existing iPhone or iPod Touch, or in the case of the Malibu Beach Inn, the guest is loaned an iPod Touch if they don't own their own. The software makes it possible for the guest to order room service, book spa treatments, retreive their message and set wake up calls. There are other options as well.

This is what I call bringing convenience to your hotel stay. Runtriz says that since the application is web based it will eventually be released for Blackberries and other cell phone platforms, like Google's Android.


Why is it that in today's economy the legacy airlines keep taking away services and amenities, but the new kids, like Southwest, keep adding services to keep their customers happy?  I think it is the way that Southwest looks at their business.  They value the relationship with the customer and know that they have a choice.  They want them to come back so they keep looking to expand and improve the service.

Now Southwest is adding business traveler services like priority access to security lanes.  This new services will be available to customers at Baltimore/Washington International (BWI), Dallas Love Field (DAL), Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX), Orange County John Wayne (SNA), Denver International (DEN), San Francisco International (SF)) and Los Angeles International (LAX).  The service starts in November.

Check out the Fly By program on the Southwest blog.

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